Mike Vale


MIKE VALE (1605, Toolroom, Great Stuff, Starlight, Nervous)                  Sep / 2011



Mike Vale is a well-known deejay in Slovenia and the near-by regions, acknowledged by his outstanding mixes, as well as his productions that are stirring a lot of noise on the global DJ scene. Building his credentials steadily trough the last decade he took big steps further into the international EDM milieu with series of Beatport top 100 releases and remixes on labels such as 1605, Great Stuff, Toolroom, Starlight and Nervous, thus gaining support from artists such as Umek, Carl Cox, Mark Knight, The Shapeshifters, Tom Novy, Marco Bailey, Richard Dinsdale, Groove Armada, Wally Lopez, etc. In early 2011 he appeared on Umek’s Toolroom Knights compilation, but it was “Pretty Woman”, his release on Great Stuff accompanied with arty video supported by MTV, that won hearts of everyone, from Marco Carola canning it at the Ultra Musc festival and Exit to Pete Tong, who played it in his “Ibiza Radio 1 Announcement” thus turning it into one of the most desired tunes on the White Isle this summer. So it’s not surprise Vale’s being endorsed also by the Beatport, who included his name on the list of most perspective names in the industry as #3 tech house hot shot. Last but not least if you don’t have opportunity to catch him live, check out the Proton Radio, where he regularly contributes to the Top 100 DJ Mixes list.


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Mike Vale, or just Vale for his colleagues and friends, is a deejay and producer from Slovenia, a pocket size country situated on the culturally draft between the Mediterranean and Alps. He discovered his passion for dance music at the end of the 20th century and is passionately dedicated to it ever since: “I was raised on my father’s rich music collection. I grew up with sounds of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, thus developed diverse taste for music which reflects in my sets and productions. This also serves me well as a producer, although I’m focusing on house and underground electronic music.”


Vale’s career started to progress rapidly in the early 00′s after he accepted a residency at Yucatan, one of Slovenia’s biggest clubs. There he grew his fan base and established friendships with many industry professionals that are still supporting him. As passionate promoter of club culture he joined some radio crews until finally scoring his own radio show Electronic Selection that took his name further. After five years in Yucatan, he felt the need to focus on his artistic production as well. This was his long time desire and a necessity at the same time, as he wanted to grow as an artist. “I feel my heart belongs to house music I’m focusing on that area, but I’m not sticking to any cliché or blueprint as I really like to experiment a lot. Luckily this diverse genre allows me to vary my output from tech driven house to more vocal or proggy or very organic sound with distinctive disco elements.”


He’s earlier successes include “Play It EP” (Vale & Timo) on Portamento rec., remixes for David Farlow’s “Acid Dried” and James Zabiela’s “Weird Science”, “Complicated” on Agent Funk, “Loco Nuts EP” and “Epic Drama EP” (with Alex Long). In 2011 he got a wild card to the national stage of the Eurosong competition with DJ Sylvain and American singer Hannah Mancini. Not his usual cup of tee, for sure, but he courageously faced the challenge and gained a lot of media attention especially in the South Eastern Europe with a song titled “Nothing But Love Will Do”. “Maybe it seems as a bit crazy thing to get involved in the Eurosong as a club oriented artist but it was just that what intrigued me: would I be able to create a song so different from anything that I usually do and how will people react to it. Well we did a good job, the song was played a lot on radios, though I don’t plane to do something like that in any foreseeable future.”


Which is totally understood as he’s gaining a strong momentum on the global level as a producer of more underground oriented music. In the summer of 2010 he released a double single “Global Oriental / Trobezlon” on premiere NY based Nervous Records, label respected for the releases of house masters such as Armand van Helden, Laidback Luke, Frankie Knuckles, Paul Harris and Jerry Roperro, to name a few. After the success of Rising Up” which was included also on Umek’s Toolroom Knights compilaton, he remixed Phunk Investigation’s “1980’s” for the 1605 label and scored another succesfull remix for Aney F & Daniel GreenX’s “Health Spirit” on Starlight Unlimited, which secured him another Beatport Top 100 hit.


But it was his Spring 2011 release on Tomcraft’s Munich based Great Stuff Records that he felt it could be his big break. And it was! The response to “Pretty Woman” from the clubland was so good, Mike and label decided to promote it further with an arty fashion video that’s been picked up and charted even by the MTV. At around the same time Pete Tong played it in his “Ibiza Radio 1 Announcement” part of his weekly radio show, thus turning it into one of the most desired tunes on the White Isle this summer, which has been played in all the big clubs and appeared on compilations such as The Face of Ibiza” & “Ibiza Afterhour”. Another big supporter of this release was Marco Carola, who played it on Mixmag’s stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami as well as at one of the most popular European festivals, Serbian Exit and he even did a special mash up of this track with his Play it Loud in his DJ-sets. And even before the dust around “Pretty Woman” properly settled Vale and Great Stuff are already got together in sack again. Their new joint venture is Vale’s remix of Pleasurekraft’s “Anubis” which is expected to be one of the track’s of the forthcoming winter club season – so watch out for it!


All in all 2011 was a great year for Mike Vale, the best so far, and the watchful eyes and ears of the Beatport crew have also noticed that: in cooperation with renowned artists and in search of new talents Beatport has released the list of most perspective names in the industry, among which Vale’s name appeared as third in the Tech House list, which is a really nice support to all his recent music endavours. And it was much deserved, as he’s one of the rare bread young artists that are as good deejays as producers, so you should really come and check him at one of his gigs. Or at least listen to one of his Proton Radio contributions, where his mixes regularly pop out in the Top 100 DJ Mixes list.